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The Red Thistles can provide music, highland and scottish country dancers for any event.  Our dancers perform wearing full highlan dress and a variety of costumes to suit the event in question.   This can include kilt and matching waistcoasts  and period costumes.    



Festivals, Community, Corporate Events

Performing  "The Royal Salute" Scottish Country Dance  at the San Francisco Great Dickens Christmas Fair in Victorian Costume.

The Red Thistle Dancers perform at many community events year-round:

  • Retirement communities

  • Chamber of Commerce Sponsored Events

  • Recreation Departments

  • Music and Dance Festivals

  • Schools

  • Weddings

  • Cultural Dance Events 

  • Gala Events at Wineries or Galleries

  • Historic Estates

  • Parks

  • Fraternal Organizations

  • Memorial Celebrations 

  • The Great Dickens Christmas Fair





  • Holiday Festivals and Parades

  • Holiday Open Houses 

  • Seasonal Fairs

  • Fundraisers and Charity Events

  • Launch Parties

  • Corporate Events

  • Special Days of the Year

    • New Year's Eve - Hogmanay, December 31

    • Burns Night, Celebration of the Poet Robert Burns,  January 25

    • Tartan Day,  April 6

    • Scottish American Heritage Month, April

    • International Dance Day,  April 29

    • Midsummer's Eve,  June 24

    • Winter & Summer Solstices

    • St. Andrew's Day, November 30

A typical program might include Classic Dance Favorites, Original Choreographies, Highland Sword Dance demonstrations, Scottish Country Dance Medleys, Musical Interludes, and Historical Narration.  

Programs can be tailored to your audience's interests and can include a fun participation segment!

Scottish Country Dances:

  • The Reel of the Royal Scots

  • Dashing White Sergeant 

  • The Dream Catcher 

  • The Irish Rover

  • The Machine without Horses 

  • The Montgomeries’ Rant 

  • Pelorus Jack 

  • Petronella

  • The Reel of the 51st Division

  • Drops of Brandy/Strip the Willow 

  • Virginia Reel

  • The Wee Cooper o' Fife 

  • The White Heather Jig

  • The Wind That Shakes the Barley

  • ... and many more

Highland Dances:

  • Highland Fling

  • Sword Dance

  • Seann Triubhas

  • Lochaber Broadswords

  • Scottish Lilt

  • Blue Bonnets Over the Border

  • The Village Maid

  • Scotch Measure (Twa Some)

  • Earl of Errol

  • The Cakewalk

  • Flowers of Edinburgh

  • Hebridean Laddie

  • Over the Water to Charlie

  • The Dusty Miller

  • ... and many more

The Red Thistle Dancers
- Scottish Dancing & Music  -

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