Tartans of the Red Thistle Dancers




Here's to it! 
The fighting sheen of it, 
The yellow, the green of it, 
The white, the blue of it, 
The swing, the hue of it, 
The dark, the red of it, 
Every thread of it!





The fair have sighed for it, 
The brave have died for it, 
Foemen sought for it, 
Heroes fought for it, 
Honour the name of it, 
Drink to the fame of it -


A Toast to the Tartan

Many different tartans are worn for our performances --  in the kilts for the men, and in the sashes or kilts for the ladies.   See if your own family name, clan affiliation, regional, or favorite tartan is represented below.  Click on any tartan for more details.

 The Gents:

Stuart of Bute
Stuart of Bute

A branch of the larger Clan Stewart, Stuart of Bute takes its name from the gift of Robert Robert Stewart, who reigned as Robert II of Scotland, and gave to his younger son, John, the Isle of Bute, the Isle of Arran and the Isle of Cumbrae. The king conferred these lands into a county and made his son the sheriff.

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Crawford (Ancient)
Crawford (Ancient)

The surname of Crawford is believed to be of Norman origin. The name is taken from the barony of the same name in Lanarkshire. The early names of all of the principal Crawford families are all Norman, however some scholars have asserted an Anglo-Danish ancestry. The Crawfords appear in a legendary incident when the king's life was saved from a stag and this led to the foundation of Holyrood Abbey. Motto: Tutum te robore reddam (I will give you safety by strength)