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Jennifer & John Kelly

Royal Scottish Country Dance Society

Scroll of Honour Recipients 2015

Tartan of the Royal Scottish Country

Dance Society 

The highest accolade of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society is the award of the society’s Scroll of Honour.   


This special recognition is given for exceptional contribution and services to the advancement of Scottish Country Dance.  

In 2015, this award was presented to Jennifer and John Kelly, Artistic Director and co-founders of The Red Thistle Dancers.

Jennifer Kelly - Artistic Director of The Red Thistle Dancers (1973-2018)
John Kelly - Co-founder of The Red Thistle Dancers (1973-2018)

iJennifer and John's many contributions to the Scottish Country Dance community in San Francisco Branch started soon after they moved to the California Northern Bay Area in 1966.  With the formation of The Red Thistle Dancers in 1973, their unceasing effort and support of the San Francisco Branch through promotion and encouragement of the advancement of Scottish Dance and culture, continues to delight and inspire.     


Whether dancing themselves, teaching, devising new dances, producing special events, and acting in many other capacities, their love of the dance and energy and enthusiasm for the art impresses everyone who meets them.


The Red Thistle Dancers past and present add their warmest congratulations to Jennifer and John Kelly for this well deserved honour.   

The Red Thistle Dancers
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