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Scottish Country Dancing Instructional Videos with

The Red Thistle Dancers

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A selection of 24 social and performance dances choreographed by Red Thistle Dancers founder,

Jennifer Kelly, presented in a booklet, DVD, and two music CDs from Red Thistle Music!

Dances performed by The Red Thistle Dancers


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Developed for both teachers and students of different levels, our instructional videos include detailed narration by Director Jennifer Kelly, beginning and intermediate steps, technique, figures and progressions, all demonstrated in both close-up and overhead views with dancers in a variety of traditional and period costumes.  Scroll down for video excerpts and details.

This instructional video series can be purchased as either a DVD or in digital download format. Downloads are immediately available with no shipping costs!


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Scottish Country Dancing Part 1


  • Fast Tempo:

    • skip change of step

    • pas de basque

    • slip step

  • Strathspey Tempo: 

    • strathspey traveling step

    • common schottische or strathspey setting

  • Both Tempi: 

    • basic foot positions and linking of steps

  • Figures:

    • circles

    • turns with one or two hands

    • chase in single file

    • stepping up and down

    • casting up and off

    • lead down the middle and up

    • set and cross over

    • set and cast off

    • set and change places

    • advance and retreat

    • dance back to back

    • wheels with the right and left hand

    • rights and lefts

    • promenade (see video below)

    • allemande

    • turn corner partner

    • grand chain



Scottish Country Dancing Part 2


  • Highland Setting Steps (see video below)

    • Schottische

    • coupé pas de basque

    • Glasgow Highlanders setting step

    • Glasgow Highlanders ladies' version

  • Figures of Eight:

    • right and left shoulder up and down the set

    • across the set

    • double figure of eight

  • Reels of Three

  • Reels of Four

  • Set and Link

  • Traveling Pas de Basque, Step and Figures

  • More Figures using Traveling Pas de Basque