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Susan Worland Bentley on violin, Andy Imbrie on piano, and Michael Bentley on bodhran join to offer music for twelve dances.


Produced by John and Jennifer Kelly


The March Hare6 x 32 Reel
EH3 7AF8 X 32 Jig
Bill Little's Strathspey8 X 32 Strathspey
Whigmaleeries8 x 32 Reel
The Scallywag8 X 40 Jig
The Highlandman's Umbrella4 x 32 Reel
Royal Wedding8 x 32 Strathspey
Peat Fire Flame8 x 40 Reel
Wha's at the Window5 x 40 Jig
Drumelzier4x 32 Strathspey
The Reel of the 51st Division8 x 32 Reel
The Hibiscus Waltz8 x 32 Waltz






"The March Hare" Twelve Scottish Country Dances

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    The Red Thistle Dancers
    - Scottish Dancing & Music  -

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