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In addition to the "delightful diversion" of  Scottish Country and Highland Dancing,  enjoy some of these other areas of interest!


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Learn Scottish Country Dancing
Experience the joy and energy of Scottish Country Dance with our Instructional Video Series. Easy and detailed instructions for beginning to advanced steps, figures, progressions. DVD or digital downloads.
Scottish Country Dance of the Day
A Scottish Country Dance for almost every day of the year!

Join a facebook group devoted to histories and recipes associated with the huge repertoire of Scottish Country Dances, many of which are named for food!
Butterscotch & Thistles
Creating a Scottish Country Dance program for an upcoming event?

Use the fantasy themes of dances on this site for inspiration, or just browse and enjoy the vintage seasonal postcards and music. Dances for seasonal holidays and fun days, foods, beverages and special stories.
Scottish Dance in Art
Visit a website devoted to illustrations of Scottish dance in art, both Country and Highland Dance.  

See paintings, drawings, use in film, ballet, poetry, etc ... .

Or simply join our facebook page for periodic artistic postings.
Old Scotch Roses Garden
Scotch Roses, also known as Burnet Roses, Scots Roses, (Rosa spinosissima or Rosa Pimpinellifolia) are an old species no longer heavily cultivated.

Take a walk in our virtual garden to rediscover and help revive the popularity of these charming, old-fashioned roses.

Pictured: Jeanie Deans
Walter Scott Literary Rose Garden
Visit a virtual rose garden devoted to the surprising number of roses associated with the literature and person of Sir Walter Scott,
Scottish historical novelist, playwright, and poet.  

Pictured: the "Ivanhoe" rose.
Curious and Unusual Tartans
Visit a site devoted to the unusual tartans.   See tartans related to :
Creatures (real and fictional), Fictional characters, Fictional places, Man's Best Friend, Film & TV, Food & Beverages, Science, Inspiration & Motivation, The Famous & Infamous and more!
Secret Language of Flowers
Are you a gardener and flower or thistle enthusiast like many of The Red Thistle Dancers?

Join this facebook group and see a stream of beautifully featured flowers (with an occasional prickly thistle of the red or purple variety) and their meanings in the secret language of flowers, known as floriography, popularized in the 19th century by the Victorians.
Virtual Burns Supper
Enjoy a virtual Burns Night composed from the repertoire of Scottish Country Dances. Move through the evening with dances pertaining to a whisky welcome, addressing the haggis, poems & songs, traditional foods, ceilidh dancing, and an auld lang syne farewell.

To the Immortal Memory!
Haggis in Art Museum
Hankering for haggis? Enjoy this online collection of the Chieftain of the Pudding Race in the fine arts, vintage postcards, modern tributes & sculpture, and rare appearances in film!
Tartan Mania
See what happens when "plaid goes bad" and goggle at other unusual and questionable uses of tartan. 

Review tartan and its impostors,  tartanware, tartan "wear," tartan food, and a collection of "Mad, Bad, and Dangerous in  Plaid" romance novel titles and cover art that are good for many a laugh.
Test Your Kilt Wearing Knowledge
Test your knowledge of all things sartorially Scottish!

Match your eye for kilt-wearing detail and tips against one of our best-dressed dancers!
Kilt Mistake Quiz
See how many mistakes in kilt-wearing you can find!

Test your eye for detail against our resident kiltmaster.
To Belt Or Not To Belt?
To belt or not to belt with the kilt?  That is the question!  

Weigh in on this contentious issue!  Take our poll, and see the results.
Cruel & Unusual Sporrans
See the gallery of bizarre and hilarious sporrans that go beyond mere matters of tassels and taste.
Vintage Tartan Fashion
Tartan has always been in style! Visit an Antique Dress museum devoted to the use of tartan in 18th-19th fashion or browse the various decades of tartan fashion in advertising, from the Roaring Twenties to the Swinging Sixties!
White Kilt Hose Poll
Is white hose acceptable, or does it make you shudder?  

Find out what others are thinking by taking our poll!
Vintage Tartan
See a gallery of vintage tartan portraiture, focussed on women and children and vintage fashion plates and advertisements from the 18th century through the 1970's.
Tartan Beasties
Mad for Plaid - Animal Style! See fashionably dressed animals with a tartan flair and vintage illustrations!
Official Tartans
Search the Official Registry of Tartans for clan, historic, corporate, commemorative, or fashion tartans
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