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So You're Going to Wear the Kilt ...


White hose - pristine accentuation of healthy calves or insipid, abomination of the industrial age?

The Red Thistle Dancers are a diverse crowd.  Although they achieve beautiful uniformity in their dancing, off-stage they engage in some spirited debates.   Please give us your thoughts on another topic of great interest.  



White Hose - athletic, simple, and clean?   Or does it strike you as noncomittal, reminiscent of underwear, and devoid of style?

Kilt Hose

For those with little time to keep up with genetic engineering advances for the Kilt Hose Industry:

Sheep raised for "ecru" color Kilt Hose

Sheep raised for "Argyle"  Kilt Hose

Sheep raised for "white" color Kilt Hose

The Red Thistle Dancers
- Scottish Dancing & Music  -

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