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Weddings & Anniversaries

Add a traditional touch to your special day with Scottish dancing and music. 

You and your guests will never forget it! 

Our group has a variety of programs, music options, and complementary costumes from modern formal to historically-themed that will fit perfectly with your event.


Here are some ways to incorporate Red Thistle traditional music and dance into your wedding:


  • As the guests arrive:

    • Music and Highland Dance demonstrations 

  • During the ceremony:

    • Musical Interludes 

  • At the reception or after party:

    • Entertain your guests with medleys of rousing jigs and reels and graceful, romantic strathspeys of Scottish Country Dance and historic Highland Dancing to traditional music along with historical narration if desired.

    • Allow us to lead your guests in easy ceilidh (informal) dancing!   We can teach fun and easy dances that every guest can do!


The Scottish Country Dance repertoire is extensive.  There are dozens of courtship and wedding-inspired dances.  Let us select a special medley  just for you.  


Here is just a small sample of titles:


Anniversary Reel

China Wedding 
Easter Wedding
Gaelic Wedding
The Golden Wedding Strathspey 
Mairi's Wedding 
November Wedding
October Wedding
The Ruby Wedding Jig
Ruby Wedding Strathspey
A Scottish Wedding
Silver Wedding Strathspey
Sunday Is My Wedding Day
A Valentine Wedding Knot
The Wedding Bells
The Wedding Bouquet
The Wedding Knot
The Wedding Reel

Dance for the Bride 
Bringing home the Bride
Border Reiver's Bride

The Red Thistle Dancers
- Scottish Dancing & Music  -

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