Scottish Dancing


Scottish Dance -   It's historic .. It's traditional ... It's social!  But most of all ...


It's Fun!


You and your guests can join in the fun as well!  We can provide an easy, fun audience participation portion as part of our performance program.


The Red Thistle Dancers perform several different types of Scottish dancing and also offer a series of instructional videos for those interested in learning more about Scottish Country Dancing!

Scottish Country Dancing

Also sometimes referred to as "The Darling Diversion," or "Controlled Abandon," Scottish country dance is the traditional dance of Scotland. It’s based on ancient folk dances, mixed with elements of ballet, influences from the Royal court of France, and some overlap with Highland dancing. Scottish country dance was carried around the world by Scottish immigrants, and by Highland regiments. It remains popular world-wide, in places as far away as Paris, Japan, and Moscow. There is an extensive repertoire of dances, some over 300 years old, many newly (and cleverly) devised to incorporate intricate formations. Dances include lively jigs and reels and the distinctively Scottish, and very stately, Strathspey. There are dances for every occasion and theme. "Mairi's Wedding, "The Reel of the 5