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The Red Thistle -

Namesake Wildflower of

The Red Thistle Dancers

Cirsium Occidentale, the "Red Thistle" or "Cobweb Thistle"

The namesake of The Red Thistle Dancers, the real red thistles, Cirsium arizonicum and Cirsium occidentale ("Cobweb thistle" or "Venus thistle") are species of thistle native throughout California's mountain ranges, valleys, and coastal deserts. 

Using a classic symbol of Scottish heritage, the thistle, The Red Thistle Dancers take their name from this brightly and unusually colored California native thistle found near their home base of the San Francisco Bay Area.


See below for our growing collection of red thistle species and an additional gallery of "found" thistles of many colors, spotted by our own Red Thistle Dancers and friends on their travels and excursions.  


Send us yours and we'll add it to the collection!


Red Thistle Species Gallery

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Cirsium ehrenbergii
Photo by techalotl
Cirsium coulteri
Coulter's thistle
Cirsium breweri
Brewer's thistle
Cirsium occidentale var. Venustum
Venus Thistle
Cirsium occidentale var. lucianum
Santa Lucia thistle
Cirsium occidentale var candidissium
Snowy thistle
Cirsium douglasii var. douglasii
Douglas' thistle
Cirsium douglasii
Swamp thistle
Cirsium arizonicum var. arizonicum
Arizona thistle
Cirsium andersonii
Anderson's thistle
Cirisum occidentale var. compatum
Cirsium Ochrocentrum
Yellowspine Thistle
Cirisum occidentale
Cobweb or Venus thistle.

Photo courtesy of Garry Hayes.
Cirsium horridulum
A yellow thistle with a red variant.
Cirsium arizonicaum rothrockii
cirsium arizonum bipinattum
Cirsium arizonicum
Cirsium arizonicum
Cirsium rivulare ‘Atropurpureum’
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Found Thistle Gallery

A montage of found, cultivated, or artistically inspired thistle photography

from The Red Thistle Dancers and thistle-hunting friends