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Scottish Country Dancing with The Red Thistle Dancers Part 1

This video is ideal for teachers and classes, or new and intermediate dancers who want to improve their technique. The basics of Scottish Country Dancing are presented in a clear and succinct format. Steps and figures are broken down by the dancers for easy understanding, and the commentary provides additional instruction. In addition to steps and figures, complete dances are included which further demonstrate the figures and the progression within the set.

45 minutes

  • All the basic steps in close-up and slow motion

  • 13 common formations, walked through bar by bar and danced with voice-over commentary

  • 8 full dances with visual and verbal explanation of set progression

Steps included:

Fast tempo: skip change of step; pas de basque; slip step

Strathspey tempo: strathspey traveling step; common schottische or strathspey setting

In both tempi: basic foot positions and linking of steps

Figures Included: Circles; turns with one or two hands; chase in single file; stepping up and down; casting up and off; lead down the middle and up; set and cross over; set and cast off; set and change places; advance and retreat; dance back to back; wheels with the right and left hand; rights and lefts; turn corner partner; grand chain

Dances included: The Birks of Invermay; Charles Stuart; Tweedbridge Court; The Maids of Currie; The Bramble Bush; Light and Airy; The Reel of the 51st Division

DVD - "Scottish Country Dancing - Part 1"

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    The Red Thistle Dancers
    - Scottish Dancing & Music  -

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