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DVD (52 minutes):


Produced by devisor Malcolm Brown

  • 7 dances from the Scotia Suite

  • 12 dances published as Leaflets


The Scotia Suite




Antartica BoundJig
Scotia SeaReel
The Ice CapStrathspey
Coats LandJig
Bruce's MenStrathspey
The Piper and the PenguinReel
Speirs Bruce, the Pole StarJig




Magazine Dances



Eileen Watts StrathspeyStrathspey
Eileen Watts ReelReel
The Craven JigJig
Jean Martin of AberdeenStrathspey
The Inimitable DerekReel
Fugal FergusJig
Sueno's StoneReel
A Trip to LorientStrathspey + Reel
A Capital JigJig
The ValentineStrathspey
Forty-five Years OnReel
The Kandahar ReelReel





























































DVD - "The Scotia Suite and Magazine Dances" (Malcolm Brown, Devisor)

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    The Red Thistle Dancers
    - Scottish Dancing & Music  -

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