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Eastbrook Discovery School 

International Festival

San Jose

October 21, 2017, 2:00 p.m.

The Red Thistle Dancers participated in the Moreland school district's annual fundraiser - an International Festival with a program of Scottish Country and Scottish Highland Ladies' Step Dances in 18th century costume.

Tartan of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society

National Gallery of Scotland, Edinburgh

Highland Dance


Scottish Country Dance Medley 

Highland Dance 


Scottish Country Dance Medley


Highland Dance


Scottish Country Dance Medley


Highland Lassies


Catch the Wind/The Shores of Solway/Starlight


The Olde Lilt


Light and Airy/Miss Graham of Dykeside/The Ewing Fiddlers

Yellow-Haired Laddie

Vanessa/Celebration at Higham/St. John's Road






The Program


The Red Thistle Dancers
- Scottish Dancing & Music  -

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