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50th Anniversary - San Francisco RSCDS 

Asilomar Scottish Dance Weekend,

Pacific Grove, November 13, 2015

The Red Thistle Dancers celebrated with Scottish Country Dancers from all over the world at  the scenic and historic Asilomar Conference grounds in Pacific Grove, California, at the Scottish Country Dance Weekend,  held annually since 1967.  


Artistic Director Jennifer Kelly devised two special new dances for the occasion which were debuted by The Red Thistle Dancers.   


The first dance, "C. Stewart Smith," honors one of the influential individuals who promoted  Scottish Country Dance in the early years in the Bay Area.  


The second dance, aptly named "150 plus 50,"  marks both the 150th anniversary of the Highland Games in Northern California, sponsored by the San Francisco Caledonian Club, and the 50th anniversary of  the San Francisco Branch of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society.  

Asilomar, Pacific Grove, 2015

Asilomar, Pacific Grove, 2015

The Grand Ballroom in Merrill Hall

Asilomar, Pacific Grove 2015

Asilomar, Pacific Grove 2015

Directors John and Jennifer Kelly with the President of the Red Thistle Dancers, Lin Pettengill. John and Jennifer received the 2015 Royal Scottish Country Dance Society's highest accolade this year, The Scroll of Honour

Asilomar, Pacific Grove, 2015

Asilomar, Pacific Grove, 2015

The Red Thistle Dancers

The Red  Thistle Dancers

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